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If you wish to buy goods from the United States or Europe, can help to save time and money! We are your reliable friend and partner and help you avoid many of the...

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Service Contour-Express takes all the hassle!

Contour-Express - it's most convenient shopping and delivery service of goods from the US and Europe to Ukraine! We buy products for you...

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Customs and brokerage services:

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On our website you will find information on a variety of discounts, sales, deals, coupons and promo codes by which you have to save up to 90% on purchases abroad.

Goods from Europe...

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Why Contour Express?

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Everyone can make shopping in the US and Europe, with our services that we offer, you can order any goods with delivery to Ukraine. All you need - is simply select your desired...

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shipment usa - your partner in the delivery of goods from the US and Europe. We care about making all your orders from America or Europe have been delivered to you in time!

fees and rates for shipment to ukraineOur commission is only 5% - 9%!

shipping from usaAir shipping from US starts from $ 4.95 a parcel or $ 9.90 for 1 kg!

sea shipping to ukraineSea shipping from the US - $ 4.90 for 1kg!

shipping from europeDelivery from Europe starts from 3.5 euros for 1kg!

shipment from usa to ukraine weightsWe do not count volume weight!

clear fees for delivery to ukraineThere are no hidden fees!

no extra charges for shipment to ukraineWe do not charge additional fees for electronics!

order shipment usa ukraineYou can monitor the status and location of your order!

shipment insurance Insurance for all orders!

easy to pay for shipment to ukraineConvenient payment options!

buying and delivering from ebayBetting on eBay via "Sniper"!

shipment servicesProviding detailed advice and quality support to our customers!

In terms of active development of integration processes, delivery of goods from abroad becomes much easier. However, online shopping in foreign online shops still gives many obstacles to Ukrainian consumers. Our goal is to simplify the buying process from anywhere in the world and make it available for every Ukrainian citizen.

Quality delivery of goods from the US and Europe to Ukraine is our main activity. We have been working in the logistic market for many years and during this time gained the support of loyal customers and reliable partners.

The company's specialists not only make the purchases by themselves on online stores, but also bet on online auctions, are engaged in literate consolidation of orders, customs clearance and help in filling out the accompanying documents, care about storage of products in stock, as well as provide detailed advice on other aspects of the purchase, payment and delivery of goods.

Today, the delivery of purchases is made through auto, aviation and maritime transport. Our customers can be a hassle to make purchases at such world-renowned sites like Ebay, Amazon, and many others. Delivery from online stores by Contour Express means a successful commercial relationship with more than 200 online shops concentrated in the US and Europe. Here you find clothing, footwear, cosmetics, electronics, auto parts, goods for sports and tourism, musical equipment. Just order the right thing without borders and visas!

How to order

Contour Express is a reliable assistant in the proper organization of overseas shopping. From now on, you do not have to waste time registering on foreign online stores, auctions, prepare documents and analyze legal norms related to the delivery of goods from the US or Europe to Ukraine.

You can easily order products by completing the application just here on the main page. In a few minutes your application will be processed by our manager, who will be engaged in the work. Each registered user has his own online account through which you can make payment, follow the order fulfillment step by step and track its delivery. Be careful in the order phase. The application must provide detailed and accurate information about the product, in particular its full cost, size, color, brand etc. 

For more information on how to order delivery to Ukraine we recommend to read our step by step instructions:

Contour Express takes all the hassle! We buy and deliver your goods from any online stores US or Europe if you need help you to find the right products, provide advice, explanations.

Today shopping in Europe and America - an affordable service that can afford our every client! You do not need to understand the intricacies of American and European online stores and their payment scheme, organize the transport and customs clearance of your purchases. You need only to choose the right product, and the rest will gladly take care of!

To order products from America and Europe - it's easy and profitable! We are working in this field for several years already, so you can trust us!

The best proof of our excellent performance is positive feedback from our customers!

We have favorable conditions and simple scheme that will appeal to every customer, because you will be able to participate directly in the process of buying goods!

Contour Express opens new horizons of shopping! This means that you can buy products from the US and Europe of any type, without spending big money for its shipping to Ukraine and customs services!

Our commission is of 7-9%. If you want to make a purchase by yourself, our commission will be even less - only 5% of the value of products, and you will pay only for the insurance and registration of the relevant documents. All this with no hidden payments, additional fees and other payments incomprehensible!

You can pay for our services in the most convenient way. Today we offer 7 ways of payment - cash, via debit card, through the payment system LiqPay, PayPal, Western Union as well.

You can also check the approximate delivery price using online calculator on our website. It is only necessary to fill in a special online form to indicate the price, the weight of the goods and the way in which purchases has to be shipped.

Contour Express brings down the prices not only for its services. Today, we also offer a unique opportunity to save on the cost of purchases. Hot offers, bright sales, promotional codes and discount coupons from major online stores of the world are updated daily!

Using the services of Contour Express, you will automatically solve all the problems associated with the arrival of the goods in Ukraine.

Delivery from Europe takes around 5 to 12 days. If the order is carried out from a US online stores it takes from 7 to 45 working days starting from the purchase's arrival to our warehouse in the US. On the duration of delivery also affects the type of transport air, sea or road (if shipped from Europe).

Our customers can track their cargo with a special tracking system in their personal account. Delivery of purchases around Ukraine is carried out by our partner - Nova Poshta Company - according to their fixed prices.

"Служба хорошо работает: доставили быстро, без проблем. Можно и дальше работать. Цены в конечном результате одни из самых низкие по моему опыту

"Заказ делала первый раз.Очень переживала.Раньше нигде ничего не покупала на сайтах из-за границы.Повезло,что попала именно сюда,звонила каждый день и всегда брали трубку или позже перезванивали.Сегодня получила посылку.Мне даже заказ сделали я только ссылку отправила.Спасибо Вам огромное!!!!


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