How to order delivery to Ukraine from eBay?

  1. Choose your desired product at auction eBay.
  2. Copy a link to the selected item, paste the link in the order line.
  3. After pressing the button "Send request" will appear the order form:
    • add product information in the order form;
    • add your maximum bid to the "cost/max bet";
    • add information about the product (color, size, model, etc.) to the "Remarks/additional information";
    • choose the delivery method (for US - air/sea or auto Europe);
    • press "Submit Order".
  4. Your order will be processed as soon as possible.
  5. In order for us to take part in the auction, you must have in your account the sum of money of not less than 50% of your maximum bet. If you win you add the remaining amount (if funds that are available in your account is less than the sum of the bet).
  6. We carry out your order and deliver the goods chosen by you in Ukraine.
  7. After the arrival of your order in Ukraine we count our commission according to the rates specified on our website, and also include shipping price according to the actual weight of the parcel.
  8. You pay the difference only if there is not enough money in your account!
  9. We will send your order to the department of Nova Poshta, the number of which was specified when sending the application.
  10. You get your order in the department of Nova Poshta.

If you loose your funds remain in your account. After you can use them for future purchases, or we return them to you at your request.

shippment from ebay


Send request
Paste URL of your order
Fill in all fields
URL of your order
Contact name
Phone number
Product name
Item number
Price / Max Bid
Choose currency
Additional Information
Warehouse number of Nova Poshta

Select the desired item from an online store, copy and paste the link here

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