How to make an order?

1. Choose a product.

2. Copy a link to the selected item:

  • insert reference to the order line. After clicking the "Send request" order form will appear;
  • add product information in the order form: the full cost of the goods (price + tax + shipping), color, size, model, etc., select the type of delivery (for the United States - Air/Sea or Auto for Europe) and click "Submit request".
  • if the item is selected on the eBay auction, then instead of the value set your maximum bid.

3. Your order will be processed as soon as possible. After processing the request status will change to "Confirmed". The application process is needed in order to ensure the possibility of purchasing any particular product, to check whether there are additional fees or taxes.

4. After confirming the order you pay or deposit funds in an amount sufficient to pay for your order in any convenient manner specified on our website.

5. We carry out your order and deliver it to Ukraine.

6. Upon receipt of your goods in our stock in Ukraine, we weight, adjust the value of the order, including our commission and delivery to Ukraine, according to the weight of the parcel and tariffs listed at our website.

7. You pay the difference if you have insufficient funds in your account.

8. We will ship your order to the department of Nova Poshta, which was specified when sending the application.

9. You pick up your order at the department of Nova Poshta.

How to pay?

You can pay for your order by clicking on the "Pay" button in the list of orders or refill your account by any way convenient for you, listed on our site.

How to track an order?

We have a system for tracking orders.

The status of each order refers to its delivery condition.

- The status of "Waiting" means that your order has not yet been confirmed and is in the process of inspection.

- The status of "Confirmed" means that your order has been processed, and now you can pay for it.

- Status "Bought" means that your order is purchased.

- Status of "Warehouse USA" or "Warehouse Europe" means that we have received your order to our warehouse in the United States or one of our warehouses in Europe, depending on the location of the seller or an online store, and it will be soon sent to Ukraine.

- The status "Sent" means that your order has been sent to Ukraine.

- Status of "Warehouse Ukraine" means that your order has arrived at our warehouse in Ukraine, as well as our comission and the cost of delivery to Ukraine have been taken into account, according to our tariffs and weight of the parcel.

- Status "Adjustments" means that there have been changes in the value of the order.

- Status "Delivery" means that the order is in the process of delivery to Nova Poshta.

Note! Orders will be delivered only after full payment.

Every time the order status will change, you will receive a message in your e-mail.

How to determine the value of the order inclusive of delivery?

The approximate cost of your order, including our commission and the delivery of goods to Ukraine, you can count on a calculator, which is to the right on each page of the website. The calculation results will show the full price that you have to pay, including the value of goods, delivery to Ukraine, customs and brokerage fees.

Note! The results of the calculator are approximate. The exact cost of delivery and additional services you will get in the course of processing the order.

How to determine the exact weight of the parcel?

In most cases, it is difficult to determine the exact weight of he purchase until it comes to our warehouse. Very often, the weight has an impact on the type of packaging.

How quickly we process an application?

On average, the request is processed within one hour. Processing and acknowledgment of each application is needed to determine the final cost of the goods, make sure you can complete the purchase of ordered goods! After processing you will receive a message about changing the status of your order. After making the payment, your order will be executed.

Delivery terms?

Delivery terms are generally dependent on the seller/online store. In most cases, online stores send the purchase next day after payment, but there are exceptions, especially for auction sellers from eBay, which often make sending in a few days. After receipt of goods in our stock US or Europe your purchase will be to the Ukraine as soon as possible.

Air delivery to Ukraine from the USA - 7-14 working days from the date of delivery of the goods to our warehouse in America.

Delivery by sea from the United States - 30-45 working days after delivery of the goods to our warehouse in America.

Delivery from Europe - 5-10 working days from the date of delivery to our warehouses in Europe.

In which online stores I can shop?

You can select items you like in any online stores in the US and Europe. You can also use a list of stores on our site.

Can I select the products from the auction eBay?

Yes, you can choose the products on auction eBay (Read more about shopping and delivery from eBay). When ordering you must specify your maximum bid.

Insurance and guarantees

All parcels are fully insured in case of loss during shipment to Ukraine. Insurance for damage is applied only to goods sent by the store.

Insurance does not cover:

  • items that have been used;
  • items purchased at auction;
  • goods that are prohibited for shipment;
  • goods which have manufacturing defects or not functioning in a proper way.


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