The Contour is the leader in shipping of goods from Europe and America to Ukraine. Evidence of this is seen in the thousands of products that have been delivered to our satisfied customers. With our company you can purchase goods from Europe and the USA without the fear of any overpayment.

We provide a full range of services from ordering on the seller's site from America or Europe to the provision of services in customs clearance.

We have created the most favorable conditions in order for you to make purchases at various sites on the internet. To do this you only need to select the desired item from America or Europe and it will be yours as soon as possible!

In order to use the service "Contour Express" right now, you will need to send the link to the page with your chosen product, and then click "Make a request". Within an hour of receiving your order you will receive an invoice. You can then make your payment in any of the available and convenient methods.

It is safe and easy to work with “Contour Express”. We provide a one hundred percent guarantee that your goods from Europe and the United States will be delivered without fail. Customs procedures are considerably simplified if the shipping is carried out by our company and products are not delayed in customs due to the coordinated work. Prices for shipping in both directions will pleasantly surprise you. With us, you will save a lot of money that can be used for other purchases.

Indulge yourself in buying exclusive and high quality products in other countries. Take your virtual shopping to any of the auctions and online stores in Europe or America and let our company take care of shipping to you. Let every purchase bring you joy. Contour Express opens the doors to the world of unique goods and unlimited possibilities to you!


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